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i miss lj!

i decided i need to start writing in here again. there are too many family members on facebook nooow!

today i went to the gross restore. i bought tons of food as usual.. we eat a lot! i want to start decorating our home.. it costs a lot of moolah, so we need to do it slowly.. but im reallllly excited about it.. it just may take 93284 years!

mother's day was awesome.. we took chloe to the magic kingdom. she saw the country bear jamboree!! she was clinging on to me at first, but she was comforted by the bears playing guitar.. joey is a bear who plays guitar, so it made her feel warm and fuzzy!.. then we took her on the merry go round.. she said "YEA YEA YEA YEA" like bevis the whole time!

i love motherhood! i love my neighborhood. i love my hooded sweat shirt.. its not red thought.

this weekend im going to be working special events at sea world and busch gardens! woooo im gonna be a stilt macaw!

life is fun. cinnamon bun
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