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sara dr. in the house?'s Journal

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6th January 2011

8:57pm: i used to be a statue.
then i turned into a real girl. here are some clips from the metamorphysis.


26th December 2010

8:47pm: livejournal is better than facebook
i like saying stuff here.. its nice

i should post a tweet about this.. and then i should post on facebook that i posted a tweet about being on livejournal.
Current Mood: artistic

23rd December 2010

8:36pm: to do
- have another cookie
- get the laundry (the lights) out of the dryer
- put away both light and dark loads of laundry
- put together some toys for awesome, exciting christmas morning happy time!
- wrap toys in wrapping paper
- practice some fountain dance moves
- enjoy the silenceeeeeeeee
- talk to a piece of furniture
- hug a billy goat 5 times
- simmer summer in a pan
Current Mood: hopeful

22nd December 2010

10:59pm: my head..
is a crazy place.. my heart and my head cant seem to hear each other. brother.. crispin glover.

i have so much.. why am i in a cycle of confusion all the time? is everyone like this and they just pretend they arent confused? maybe so.. i wish i was better at ignoring my inner child sometimes.. no..yes no.. yes.. no! i DONT KNOW~ hi.
Current Mood: insane

10th July 2010

12:11pm: ugggh let me vent!
i need to lose weight and i wish my hair would grow faster..and my clothes are all worn out..

thank you.

12th May 2010

9:33am: i kept thinking this was going to be a photo..
Current Mood: cheerful

10th May 2010

4:42pm: i miss lj!
i decided i need to start writing in here again. there are too many family members on facebook nooow!

today i went to the gross restore. i bought tons of food as usual.. we eat a lot! i want to start decorating our home.. it costs a lot of moolah, so we need to do it slowly.. but im reallllly excited about it.. it just may take 93284 years!

mother's day was awesome.. we took chloe to the magic kingdom. she saw the country bear jamboree!! she was clinging on to me at first, but she was comforted by the bears playing guitar.. joey is a bear who plays guitar, so it made her feel warm and fuzzy!.. then we took her on the merry go round.. she said "YEA YEA YEA YEA" like bevis the whole time!

i love motherhood! i love my neighborhood. i love my hooded sweat shirt.. its not red thought.

this weekend im going to be working special events at sea world and busch gardens! woooo im gonna be a stilt macaw!

life is fun. cinnamon bun
Current Mood: thoughtful

18th November 2009

2:14pm: this is my niece or nephew!
im gonna watch this baby grow digitally on here! im sooo happy that my sister is gonna have a baby!

17th November 2009

12:52pm: im getting the urge..
.. to chop off all my hair.. im sick of this boring legnth..what to do? im not sure if its a bad idea though.. if i cut it, ponytails may not be as easy to do..but washing and drying will take less time. chloe is in the grabby phase.. so im not sure..

i wish i could fly to japan and get it done there again.. its hard to find people in orlando that are on my wavelegnth.

well see well see!
Current Mood: contemplative

5th November 2009

6:26pm: its been FOREVERRRRRRR
i had a baby! her name is chloe juniper and i love her!!!

shes awesome!
Current Mood: cheerful

5th June 2009

11:53am: 10 days!
chloe juniper is due to come out in 10 days! i am soooo excited!!!!! i thought i would be more nervous than this, but im not.. maybe it hasnt fully hit me!? i hope she is early, on time or only a few days late.. if i dont have her by the 24th they will induce labor.. i dont want that!

sooo i am eating pineapple and walking and bouncing on the birth ball and doing yoga and meditating!

im not really in any pain, but sleeping has become difficult. i am also sick of my feet looking like the nutty professor's feet. they scare me.
Current Mood: determined

14th May 2009

6:04pm: gosh..
i got fat!

Big mama watching the belly show

2nd April 2009

10:29am: baby movements!
i love love love love feeling her move in there! she is moving right now!! time is flying!! i cant wait to meet her!!

on my right side i feel something big and round.. so im guessing thats either a butt or a head! i also have been enjoying the sci fi belly movements.. i want to take a video of it soon!

zzzzzzzzzzz.. im tired.

19th March 2009

4:45pm: things and stuff!
its been awhile since i wrote to this journal which is live. so right now i am reporting live from my keyboard! as i type this, it is LIVE, but when you read this it will be pre-recorded.. so i feel like saying "live" journal is a lie.. and i apolgize for lying since 2002 about this.

well i have a big belly.. and its getting bigger everyday! just when i think i found clothes that fit, i grow out of them the next week.. i havent really bought maternity clothes yet, but i may have to break down and do it soon.. we'll see!

we have been house hunting since i found out i was knocked up.. we came close.. the house i was talking about in a previous entry ended up coming thru.. and when it came to the day to sign the papers, we changed our minds.. we looked at another house that day and realized we need to keep looking.. well here i am in the 3rd trimester starting this weekend, and still in our 1 bedroom apartment.. in the beginning i was really depressed about being in this small space with joey working from home and me with a new baby here too... but i had to come to peace with it.. somehow it will all work out.

lately i have been wanting to go swimming.. so maybe i will look for something to swim in.. and then find a pool.. we have one in our apartment complex, but im paranoid that there is a lot of pee in there.

well.. i guess thats all for now.. im a glucose addict.
Glucose fun time!

seriously though.. maybe because i fasted so long before, but this drink tasted good to me.
Current Mood: drunk

1st March 2009

10:17pm: kicks!
i never thought feeling kicks inside of my stomach would be so comforting! i like the bounce bounce kick thomp wooooo waaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i feel it right now!!!
Current Mood: bouncy

28th February 2009

8:21am: houses and babies and dreams.. oh my!
the house i mentioned in the previous entry ( forever ago).. we had a loooong waiting time to get papers from the bank..and then when they finally responded and the house was about to be ours, our realtor said he found a bigger house in a neighborhood we REALLY want to live in that was in better shape.. sooo we went and looked at it THE DAY we were going to sign for the other..

we then decided to cancel our offer on the first house.. and put an offer on this awesome house..we were really getting excited..... until the bank decided to renegotiate with the previous owners of the house... i was selfishly sooo sad to see that house go, buttttttt i am glad to know that at least one family got their forclosed home back.

but tick tock tick tock.. time is flying.. we are getting so close to the time our little baby Chloe Juniper is here. meanwhile we are still in our 1 bedroom apartment, that also functions as joey's office.. so things are about to get pretty tight here..

as much as i feel like im complaining, i know we will be fine.. people raise babies in huts in some places.

last night i had a dream that i was in the hospital and i had chloe! but right after i decided i needed to go to a mall and practice stilt walking.. so i was walking around this mall just after giving birth on stilts.. meanwhile poor chloe was waiting for me in the hospital.. haha when i woke up i was really excited about getting to meet her!

this was a long entry.. i didnt expect to write this much..why do i wake up so early everyday!?
Current Mood: thoughtful

30th January 2009

4:19pm: i suck at making decisions!
we looked at MANY houses.. most of them were no good... but there were a few beautiful ones! many of those beautiful homes we JUST missed our chance to put in an offer... ahhh!..

so yesterday we found a BEAUTIFUL home in a BEAUTIFUL neighborhood and the house has an awesome back yard! so whats my problem!? the master bedroom has a bathroom connected to it with one MAJOR design flaw.. the room has a huge vaulted ceiling and so does the bathroom, but there is NO WALL and no door in between.. so pretty much anytime we would have to REALLY go potty we would be going potty in our bedroom..

so yea.. add a wall or door right?! but the way its set up it makes it almost impossible.. sooooo i cant decide, do i want to ignore this and go for it? or keep looking and hope there is another one.. its just this neighborhood is a dream come true and i doubt we will find something like this. but who knows. .its a gamble!

ps.. that would be the view of me on the toilet whil in our bedroom

Current Mood: contemplative

27th January 2009

12:48pm: whats in a name?!

heheh here last name will be green and her name means "greenery"!!

22nd January 2009

10:39pm: i love this baby in my belly!

seriously! i cant wait to meet her!!!

she makes me so happy!!

i had a follow up today with my dr. about the ultrasound and she said my cervix looks great.. ooooh yayyyyyyy! good cervix! thanks dr! thanks a lot!

in other news.. i have a bubble on my thumb from violin plucking! it hurts!
Current Mood: jubilant

20th January 2009

11:07am: its a.....

yayyy.. i am so excited! the ultrasound went well! we were both hoping for a girl! so joey and i were very happy!

she was so awesome in the ultrasound.. i always great really creeped about by the babies faces.. so my little girl hid her face.. she kept putting her hands up so we couldnt see her face soo well!!! she knows me already!! i love her.. haha i kept shedding tears!!!

today is a happpy day!!!
Current Mood: grateful

19th January 2009

7:13pm: big day tomorrow!
huuuge day!!

we will be going to my mid- pregnancy ultrasound.. they will measure all sorts of things and we will find out the gender!!!

is there a little boy or a little girl in there!?!? ahhh! i have butterflies in my belly every time i think about it!!

i hope somehow i will sleep tonight!

Current Mood: anxious

14th January 2009

8:46am: horses
last night i was dreaming about horses.. they were running full speed at me and my friend and this woman who was talking to us.. i was peeing on a toilet in the middle of a field.. and the horses were charging at us.. i was freaked out, but everyone else thought it was cute.

on a superficial note, i cant decide if i want to keep growing my hair out or chop it off.. i hate this in between legnth.. blaah its boooring.

yayy girlscout cookies.. it sucks cause joey is watching his weight.. and im knocked up so all i wanna do is eat.. aaaah!

24th December 2008

7:35am: soooo HAPPPY!!
i have been DREAMING of picking up the violin again for years..and joey made this dream come true.. we exchanged christmas gifts last night and he surprised me with a brand new violin!!!

today we are going to south florida to spend time with our families! YIPPPY!!!!!!!!

meeeeerrrrrrry christmas!
Current Mood: excited

20th December 2008

3:35pm: a new fun thing!
i am excited because last night for the first time someone asked me how far along i was.. and it was a total stranger!! woohoo! all this time i thought i just looked like i ate too much...

it happened again today!!! i guess i look knocked up now! joey is like DUHHH .. but i have a distorted view of what i look like always, so to me i just thought i looked fat. so yippy for looking the part now!
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