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its been awhile since i wrote to this journal which is live. so right now i am reporting live from my keyboard! as i type this, it is LIVE, but when you read this it will be pre-recorded.. so i feel like saying "live" journal is a lie.. and i apolgize for lying since 2002 about this.

well i have a big belly.. and its getting bigger everyday! just when i think i found clothes that fit, i grow out of them the next week.. i havent really bought maternity clothes yet, but i may have to break down and do it soon.. we'll see!

we have been house hunting since i found out i was knocked up.. we came close.. the house i was talking about in a previous entry ended up coming thru.. and when it came to the day to sign the papers, we changed our minds.. we looked at another house that day and realized we need to keep looking.. well here i am in the 3rd trimester starting this weekend, and still in our 1 bedroom apartment.. in the beginning i was really depressed about being in this small space with joey working from home and me with a new baby here too... but i had to come to peace with it.. somehow it will all work out.

lately i have been wanting to go swimming.. so maybe i will look for something to swim in.. and then find a pool.. we have one in our apartment complex, but im paranoid that there is a lot of pee in there.

well.. i guess thats all for now.. im a glucose addict.
Glucose fun time!

seriously though.. maybe because i fasted so long before, but this drink tasted good to me.
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