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houses and babies and dreams.. oh my!

the house i mentioned in the previous entry ( forever ago).. we had a loooong waiting time to get papers from the bank..and then when they finally responded and the house was about to be ours, our realtor said he found a bigger house in a neighborhood we REALLY want to live in that was in better shape.. sooo we went and looked at it THE DAY we were going to sign for the other..

we then decided to cancel our offer on the first house.. and put an offer on this awesome house..we were really getting excited..... until the bank decided to renegotiate with the previous owners of the house... i was selfishly sooo sad to see that house go, buttttttt i am glad to know that at least one family got their forclosed home back.

but tick tock tick tock.. time is flying.. we are getting so close to the time our little baby Chloe Juniper is here. meanwhile we are still in our 1 bedroom apartment, that also functions as joey's office.. so things are about to get pretty tight here..

as much as i feel like im complaining, i know we will be fine.. people raise babies in huts in some places.

last night i had a dream that i was in the hospital and i had chloe! but right after i decided i needed to go to a mall and practice stilt walking.. so i was walking around this mall just after giving birth on stilts.. meanwhile poor chloe was waiting for me in the hospital.. haha when i woke up i was really excited about getting to meet her!

this was a long entry.. i didnt expect to write this much..why do i wake up so early everyday!?
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