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i suck at making decisions!

we looked at MANY houses.. most of them were no good... but there were a few beautiful ones! many of those beautiful homes we JUST missed our chance to put in an offer... ahhh!..

so yesterday we found a BEAUTIFUL home in a BEAUTIFUL neighborhood and the house has an awesome back yard! so whats my problem!? the master bedroom has a bathroom connected to it with one MAJOR design flaw.. the room has a huge vaulted ceiling and so does the bathroom, but there is NO WALL and no door in between.. so pretty much anytime we would have to REALLY go potty we would be going potty in our bedroom..

so yea.. add a wall or door right?! but the way its set up it makes it almost impossible.. sooooo i cant decide, do i want to ignore this and go for it? or keep looking and hope there is another one.. its just this neighborhood is a dream come true and i doubt we will find something like this. but who knows. .its a gamble!

ps.. that would be the view of me on the toilet whil in our bedroom

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